endgame toolkit

endgame is a command-line application designed as a toolkit for running and analyzing outcome simulations.

It's based on the Rust lang implementation outcome-sim.

Link to endgame repository on github


endgame binaries are available for download on the project website.

You can also build it yourself, just follow the instructions in the repo readme. It's pretty easy, cargo (the package/dependency manager for Rust lang) takes care of most of the work for you.


endgame introduces a good number of features and tools for working with outcome simulations in creative ways.

Run Simulations

Run simulations. Fast.

Basic simulation running can't take any data in once it's started. That's why it can go as fast as the hardware will allow - no input delays.

Server mode

Run endgame in server mode and interact with it using JSON API over http. Basically - send commands and data over the network.

This can be used to develop other applications on top of outcome simulations.

Run proofs on one or more machines

Running proofs basically means running multiple simulations one after another. We can use endgame to run whole proofs for us.

If extra processing power is needed we can run endgame on multiple machines and make them collaboratively run single proof simulations together.