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Commands (cmds) are the micro-programs that are invoked by the element states. There are simple commands (cmd) and complex commands (ccmd). Complex commands are parsed and cut into multiple simpler commands and stored this way for later processing.

Commands are hardcoded (though there is also user_cmd cmd allowing for user defined commands??). Commands can do many different things and take varying numbers of arguments.

??Commands return some value (base value class, so either string, num or bool) as their return value.

Let's look at all the available cmds.



set [var_address_1] [var_address_2]

Sets the value at var_address_1 to the value of var_address_2.


log [log_message]

Logs a message to the default log store.



oper [var_address_1] [operation_sign] [(calc)]

Operates on the var_address_1, converts contents of the third argument into separate calc